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Raising Investment

Investment funding

Do you need funding?

Raising capital for a privately held business is complex.

The stage of development whether start-up, pre-revenue, loss-making or profitable defines you options for raising capital.

We have hands on experience as entrepreneurs in raising investment capital from a wide range of sources.  WE know many of the pitfalls that entrepreneurs can fall into and how to negotiate with financial investors. Getting the right advice at the right time and costs is critical.

Brands, technology innovation, IP protection, management and board track record and profile can all massively influence the probability of raising capital.

VC, Private Equity, HNW, strategic investors and in the case of UK companies, availability of SEIS/EIS eligibility are all factors to be considered.


Start-Ups and Early Stage

Entrepreneurs often make the mistake of thinking that the idea or product is all that investors are looking for is “the next big thing!”

Investors actually looks just as closely at the entrepreneur themselves and their management team capability.



Raising capital to fund a turnaround is usually all about the management.

The explanation of why the company is in a turnaround situation and what will be different going forward is paramount.

The credibility of the management team to turn the company around is obvious, but management teams often need to be restructured and/or strengthened.



Management “buy-outs” or “buy-ins” are all about the value growth story and the management team.

There is a lot of investment capital looking to invest in good businesses, and whether the opportunity is from an underperforming or non core division within a large company or an entrepreneur looking to exit, many opportunties exist. 

“ Management is doing things right, Leadership is doing the right things.”

Paul Drucker