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The strategic process

The primary elements of a great strategy align the desired goals and outcomes for the business with those of the key stakeholders.

The stakeholders can be many and and varied. For example shareholders, financial investors, management, customers, suppliers…and so on.

Where do the conflicts lie? Can they be resolved?

Are the assumptions in the strategy robust?  They need to be reviewed and tested.

Are there alternatives to the strategic plan that deliver the same or similar outcomes?

Once the goals and assumptions are agreed, then you need to create 

a clear set of S-M-A-R T actions.

KPI’s ac critical to ensure that the outcomes are measurable and trackable.

CSA has the experience in a wide range of business environments to guide and challenge the business management constructively towards achieving realisable strategic goals. 


Strategic Business Goals

The strategy needs no more than 6 key desired outcomes that diefine success.

A longer collection of tactical actions is not a strategy.

Having set the strategic goals for the business, it is important to have claruty around the business model(s) and how these might evolve over time.

It is very feasible to have multiple business models within a business, and these must be compatible and nuanced for different customer groups.


Growth Strategies

Most businesses – though not all – are chasing sales growth, and hopefully margin growth.

Opening up new markets, accessing new customers, developing new products and services, moving international.

We have huge experience and networks in all these areas.  



Digital Strategy

Developing marketing strategies, including effective digital marketing in a rapidly changing environment.  

B2B customers are behaving more and more like B2C customers as trust and transaction sizes and complexity grow.

While we are not digital marketing experts, we do work with our execution partners to develop the digital strategy and ensure that conventional B2B companies adapt their offering to harness – and most importantly ensure you do not fall behind your competitors and lose customers..



Supply Chain Strategy

Are you effectively harnessing the power of your supply chain?

Too many companies think issuing RFQ’s too randomly – or to obvious incumbent suppliers is sustainable. 

Whether cost – innovation or both are important will define your options and scope for maximising the leverage your supply chain can give you over your competitors. 


Setting the Culture

A dysfunctional company will often have toxic culture that undermines team work and company success.

Good transparent communication, a focus on employee well being and work life balance are critical ingredients to an engaged and productive workforce. The workplace is changing rapidly and so are employees expectations.  It is not longer all abut money and incentives. 



Not only is the business itself increasingly focussed on environmental sustainability, but also the cultural and societal environment around the company and its leaders is increasingly scrutinised by customers, suppliers and employees. 

Ignore this at your peril.

“ Management is doing things right, Leadership is doing the right things.”

Paul Drucker

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